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U Fleku Brewery and Restaurant

Brewing beer for over 500 years!

The other night, a group of us enjoyed a beer at the U Fleku Brewery and Restaurant. They've been brewing beer for over 500 years! We all sat around a wooden table in a beautiful courtyard. The waiter came around with a tray and asked, "pivo?" He threw down a piece of paper on our table and tallied off how many we took, and went on his way. Wait staff in Prague usually let customers socialize and take their time with meals. They don't tend to come back to the table unless they're asking us if we'd like more beer.

"It is one of the oldest, largest and most prominent beer houses in Prague and the entire country."



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First Studio Assignment

My six hour journey


For our first studio assignment, we were told to take a tram to the outskirts of Prague and find our way back on foot to the heart of the city. Along our journey, we had to keep an open mind and record our thoughts/observations/questions in a journal.

Traveling to my starting point was a journey in itself:
I walked 10 minutes to the Metro. Waited 10 minutes FOR the metro. Took a 3 minute ride to a connecting metro. Found out I missed my stop. Got off on the wrong stop. Panicked. Stopped and blankly stared at my huge map while my moment of panic passed. Hopped on a tram. Hopped off the tram. Hopped on another tram. Hopped off that tram. Waited 15 minutes for a bus. Rode the bus for 5 minutes to my starting point in Repy. Whew.

Well, let me tell you something: Prague is a large city. My walk took about six hours. Initially, I was rocking the assignment. Writing every little thing that came to mind. But after about two hours, all I wanted was to get home before dark.

I started walking through a quiet neighborhood call Billa Hora. There was an occasional runner and various noises from inside the privacy of the fences. Maybe a car or two had passed. There was a smorgasbord of fences that lined the undulating sidewalks. They all seemed to reflect the character of the house encompassed inside.


Next, I stumbled upon the Obora Hvezda park. I sat on one of the many benches on either side of the long path and wrote in my journal for a while. At the end of the path was a rectangular field with red and orange flower beds on either side. It was full of families, friends, and couples, having a relaxing Sunday afternoon.


I continued to walk. walk. walk..When finally I came across the Brevnov Monastery. What a beautiful place! I wasn't able to go inside, but explored the outskirts of the building. There was an apple orchard in the back, so I shook a branch and a lone apple fell. A souvenir for my day!


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