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A couple of my friends and I took a weekend trip to Krakow, Poland!

It was a seven hour train ride from Prague, so we decided to try out the night train. We left around ten at night and arrived at six in the morning, ready to start our day! We hadn't reserved any seats for the train ride back to Prague (during the day), so my friend and I had to stand up for three hours! But at least the view was descent..


We stayed at the Orange Hostel. They had free cocoa puffs for breakfast. Enough said.


An AMAZING chocolate shop!


Wawel Royal Castle


Krakow's first snow of the season!


St. Mary's Church




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Art Class/Drawings

I decided to upload photos of work I've done in my art class and some drawings that I did for giggles. I will continue to add new pieces to this entry, so keep checking back!

Art Class:

We had one class period to do a live portrait of a classmate. I absolutely love drawing people, so it was a great class. (Just a little rusty, since the last person I've drawn was my senior year of high school.) I may sneak back into the classroom and finish it..shh!


My art teacher took us to her home/studio to work on this project. It was from a photo I had taken when my class traveled to Cesky Krumlov.


For Giggles:

I enjoy drawing the spires of Prague.


The Zizkov Television Tower (The Baby Tower)


I really wanted to draw the Parliament Building in Budapest, but at the same time, I was just not in a drawing kind of mood. (If that makes sense) But I decided to give it a go anyway, since we were only going to be in the city for a few more hours. After a few half-hearted attempts and wasting precious paper in my travel journal, my friend suggested I do a super fast sketch. So I did a quick 2 1/2 minute drawing with a fat pen. You would think it would be easy right? But it isn't! It requires you to pick out the most pivotal elements and discard all the fluff. No matter how much you love the fluff..


I am taking a water color class! Here is what I have done so far...

Jan Hus Monument in the Middle of Old Town Square:
Prague Astronomical Clock:

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The New Jewish Cemetery

Tombstone of Franz Kafka

Today I went with a couple friends and their literature teacher to The New Jewish Cemetery (Novy Zidovsky Hrbitov) in Zizkov, Prague. I'm not enrolled in their class, but their very lovely teacher gladly accepted my request to tag along. So I did! I'm glad I did too. The cemeteries in Prague are quite extraordinary and are a pleasure to just stroll around in. It was difficult to choose only a couple tombstones to take photos of because they are all beautiful or unique in some way. I think, perhaps, the markers exemplify how people here view the deceased or how they want them to be perceived by passersby. Maybe I'm wrong, but the impression of the people laid to rest there, were definitely loved and cared about. Not only are the tombstones exquisite, but the parks are impressively large with towering trees overhead. The leaves are starting to turn colors as well, so that was also a nice touch.


We stopped by Franz Kafka's tombstone! There were flowers and handwritten notes of admiration laying underneath rocks at the foot of his grave. We sat on a bench nearby for ten minutes or so, and a few other people stopped by as well to pay their respects. Okay this might sound strange, but I find it odd.. Franz Kafka hadn't become famous until after his death. He had no knowledge of his fame or that his writings would leave such an impact, that people want to travel just to visit his grave. Some of his writings include: "The Metamorphosis," "The Trial," and "The Castle." He is a famous writer here in Prague, whose name is everywhere. There is even a museum about him: http://www.kafkamuseum.cz/ShowPage.aspx?tabId=-1


Along the perimeter wall, there were plaques with names of people who died in the holocaust.


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Hello again,

I apologize for not having written in awhile. I've been doing a lot of traveling these past couple of weeks.

On September 26, I traveled by bus for four hours to meet a friend in Bratislava. I sat at the very back of the bus where there are five seats instead of the usual two on each side. So, I was one of three people on the entire bus sitting next to two people. The luck right? It turned out, I ended up sitting next to a very nice lady who taught me Cesky for two hours. She said that she also enjoyed practicing her english. Unfortunately, she got off the bus at Brno. A friendly hispanic man took her seat. He was from Mexico and was traveling around Europe for two years to teach dance. I arrived in Bratislava and had to buy a ticket to travel by a city bus to the botel. The friendly hispanic man gave me coins, since I only had bills. With some wondering around, I found the stop for my bus and soon after, arrived at the Botel Marina! http://www.botelmarina.sk/en/


It was now 11am. My friend wasn't arriving until 5pm. So, I had some time to kill! I decided to do some sketching.. and thought the Bratislava Castle would be a good choice! I found a nice spot sitting backwards on a bench next to a path along the Danube River.


I also walked along the river and came across this building:

My friend finally arrived and we took a hike up to the Bratislava Castle! I am the little scale figure in the second photo.


The next day, we had lunch in the UFO restaurant above the Novy Most bridge. Wow, what a view! The food was very delicious as well. I ordered the salmon and gnocci. There was also a lookout deck above the restaurant where we took some nice photos of Bratislava.


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Petrin Lookout Tower/Lennon Wall/Love Locks

Western Prague

Petrin Lookout Tower (Petrinska Rozhledna) is a monument on top of Petrin Hill in western Prague. If you pay 105 Koruna ($5.48), you can climb all the steps to the top or pay 160 koruna to take the elevator. My friend and I figured that since we are still young, we would attempt the climb. We proceeded to ascend the 3 foot wide, wooden steps. They were obviously well traveled due to the slight indentation in the treads. Every so often we'd have to shimmy by someone on their descent. A short way up, there was a large lookout area that encompassed the tower. We didn't think the view could get much better, but then we reached the top. Wow, what a landscape! Definitely jigsaw puzzle quality...


John Lennon Wall!


Love Locks

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